Hello CTTBies,

This is Corner speaking, and I have some fresh announcements for you. As the mascot and the brain behind this website. I’m glad to present to you our latest updates !

Ultimately, Nuna (our cherished writer and webmaster) hasn’t been able to post regularly…  The good news is that there are some new projects coming on and it’s keeping her busy. She is deeply sorry for her absence, but she’ll be back soon!

As you know, “Corner The Talking Brain” is not only a Blog platform; but it’s also a webnovel  platform where Nuna publishes some of her writings. Therefore, apart from the blog posts (notified via email),  there are also pages  where she publishes fiction.  (click here to access).

After that little explanation, here come the news:

  • “Three Expats and a Winter” (sociocultural story)

Being the first fiction published on this website, the first season is over and available. (click here to read). It’s currently on hiatus, but as soon as the muse visits her, Nuna will come back with season two!

  • “A Writer Behind The Scenes” (author’s diary)

Cheerful and refreshing, it is based on Nuna’s personal diary where she shares the hoops and lows of her experiences as a newbie author.  It also has a number of episodes available. (Click here to access)

  • Unescorted” (chicklit novel)  

The book was planned to be published at the beginning of this year as an e-book, but there are some major changes to the story and the editing phase has extended a bit. Nuna added more chapters, so the first draft elongated from approximately 50 pages to about 191 pages… Unfortunately we had to postpone the publishing but it will definitely come on.   The story is complete, but still has to be meticulously revised. It’s her first official novel to be published, so as a perfectionist rookie writer, she wants to deliver the best version possible! 
A new release date shall therefore be communicated further ahead.

And now… we saved the best for the last! 

  • New project under construction

In regards to the cultural topics that our society has been facing lately,  more specifically concerning the Black Lives Matter movement and the current sensibilization against Anti-asian hate movements, a new project was born. As a great fan of intercultural exchanges and love stories,  Nuna was inspired to start a biracial romantic comedy.

Please stay connected for more information on the contents, the title and also a book excerpt! 

  • New look

Our website is undergoing some modifications as far as the presentation and appareance is concerned. We would like it to look better and also offer a better reading experience. There might be some few changes in the colour palette, fonts and other outwards aesthetical aspects, but it will function the same. We apologise for the temporary inconvenience.

  • New platforms

To finish, we would like to announce that the audio versions of our blog posts are available on Spotify. On the other hand, videos explaining the content of this website are accessible on our YouTube channel. 

Stay tuned,  and warm regards to all our CTTB fam! 

Corner Blomevi.