Hola Cttbies!

I hope you’re doing well. Long time no write!

I’m glad to announce that I’ve returned to posting again. The past weeks have been somewhat hectic, but I managed to pull through by God’s grace.

Hence, I’ll be posting again on the website about my favourite topics: writing as a rookie author, and my stay in Spain. Also, why not, about special topics that draw my attention as I meditate about life.

On the other hand, the design of the website has changed. I modified the theme,  some colours and the font with the purpose of making it simpler, easier to read and browse through. I hope it is offering a better user experience. For any technical issues, please feel free to message me via this link!

I can’t conclude without saying a very big thank you for your patience and for staying in touch! Especially since June is a special month for me. Indeed, I decided to start blogging and officially launched this website a year ago, on the 5th June 2020. It hasn’t been easy. I have learnt a lot all this while. All your visits, readings and likes have been of great encouragement to me. I am grateful! I’m still a bit clumsy and in the process of learning, but I will keep improving and getting better.

Once again, a very big thank you!

Un abrazo fuerte! (Hugs)

Nuna Blomevi.