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Johnny didn’t like the TV shows that foreign channels broadcasted about Africa . Literally, he skipped every single one of them. Martins, his roommate, had just arrived to study as well. He was new around so he didn’t understand why and thus asked him. It was a certain evening where they sat in the living room to watch television.

  • “Aha. Just at the right moment. Look, they’re showing one”, said Johnny.

Martins  really enjoyed watching travel shows back in his home country, which was one of the reason why he chose to travel as well. His parents ran a business so they dealt a lot with foreigners. It had always been his dream to visit other countries, so he studied very hard until he finished high school. This time, he was really curious about what would be shown abroad about his continent. He comfortably laid back, a drink in his hand and a bag of snacks on the table. His eyes were wide open and he was burning with curiosity. Five minutes later: 

  • “So, the staff didn’t shoot any part of the airport or the city where they landed in, nor the road or any urbanized part of the country? They just appeared in the bush, just like that, chasing animals and eating raw meat?”, he exclaimed.  “No wonder people have been asking me weird questions.”
  • “…”

Johnny didn’t reply to him. Another five minutes later…

  • “I mean, so they didn’t go to any nice hotel or restaurant, they didn’t go to any mall. All they did was to go to a bush to record naked people, lions, and hunters? Is it a travel channel or Indiana Jones? Bro, zap that  thing, let’s watch some football”.

On his part Johnny was thinking: “I swear, when I grow older and I get rich I’m going to sue them all. Until when do they have to portray a whole continent as bush people?”

After that day, whenever they sat to watch tv and similar programs started, Martins didn’t think twice before taking the remote control to skip. 

Next week, on Episode 3: “Don’t touch her pride or she’ll get salty”

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