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Occupational habits, Insecurities and TV

When normal people watch series, their common reactions are: “OMG, it’s so beautiful”, “The story is so nice”, or “I really like this drama” etc…

When a writer watches a drama (actually I am talking about me) it usually ends up like this: “Yeah, as an author myself, I can predict the next happenings: this and that is going to happen, X is going to do whatever to Y, Alpha is reacting that way towards Lambda for the story to flow a certain direction” etc.  

Sometimes I react normally, of course. Like today, for example, I was watching a certain k-drama and it was so romantic. I was like: “Omo… Oh my God… Yes, that’s it, grab her by the hand! Ask her out, ask her out you little coward! Awwww, he finally confessed, I’m so teary…

Then, I watched another one and totally relapsed. Even more, I sank. The writer’s scenario was so good that as a rookie I couldn’t help but feel small. “My God, this is so intense… Such a wonderful display of creativity… At this point of my life, I am questioning my own talent and the artistic ambitions of my existence. I nearly lost every reason to live… erhm, to write.

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