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A pro bono self-torture plus a pinch of wishful thinking

Frosch, I forgot what I wanted to type. (Spacing out, deep thinking…). Alright, it’s back!

Yeah, I was just thinking about the reasons why I decided to publish my writings. Aaarrrgh… When I think of those peaceful moments where I only wrote for my friends to read, and wasn’t worried about fame… I miss it, but I’m willing to keep going a little more. For me, fame doesn’t imply the bling-bling celebrity life, it rather signifies that I’m sharing my thoughts with more people who enjoy reading my works. Of course, a few more coins in my life is also good, I can buy more food. There are so many dishes in the world I haven’t tried yet.

One of the reasons for leaving my comfort zone was that I was really salty about certain issues but didn’t see much but being done about it. Besides, I’m a really critical person, so I tend to analyze things a lot (as you read about when I talked about dramas in a previous episode). I came to realize that at many occasions, society is shaped and perspectives are changed not by powerful political forces, but by stories shared. That’s how powerful art is. Therefore, I just decided to write my own. But… There is a but, and a big one*.

*For those who didn’t get it, I was just trolling with “but” and “butt”. I hope I got you…

To be continued…

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Note for Spanish and French readers:

(*  ES: Juego de palabras en la versión en inglés. Traducción especial para los lectores de español: “hay un pero, y uno muy grande”.

FR: Jeu de mots dans la version anglaise: “Il y a un mais, et un très long” )