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Bittersweet realizations

The butt…, oh my bad, not that one. The but, as in, the reason why there is a but*, is that I realized that having noble intentions don’t really matter as much as I thought they would (when writing to fdefend a good cause). Once again, we’re going back to the wishful thinking tendency that I mentioned in a previous episode.

I mean, every writer passionately pours himself into his/ her work, thinking that it is so good that it is going to be a huge hit. Then, after publishing it, getting negative feedback is like falling from a pedestal. Reality hits your ego: “Ah. I’m not as good as I thought I was…” or you sink into depression: “I wish I had never chosen this path…”

The good thing is that it makes you improve and add more quality to your work. It also helps you enlarge your scope about reading trends and adjust consequently. It’s all about balance: preserving your originality as an artist and adapting to the public’s taste.

Note for Spanish and French readers: (* ES: Juego de palabras “El perro…, lo siento, este no es. El pero”

FR: Jeu de mots: “Le mai… oh, mes excuses, ce n’est pas le bon. Le mais”)

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