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Technological insecurities

The truth is that I unconsciously didn’t want to create a website, or more exactly, I didn’t know I could do it- because I thought it’d be expensive. In the end I was neither right nor wrong. I have the opportunity to use some free services, but there’s also that little, but very little detail, of having a super extra long website name that shows the whole world that you don’t own the domain. Ouch, my heart aches. Lol… Add to all this the feelings you have when you want to install a feature for online payment and the service says you have to upgrade… I’m in tears. How can I pay to get paid when I haven’t been paid yet?

Thank God I at least have a side job to maintain myself. I’m not poor, I just don’t have enough money to invest in all I would want to finance. My card is not limitless so I have to live on a budget.

For now, let me invest in food and eat to be stronger, so that I can work hard, to buy all the features I want after making it big.

To conclude… The Internet can be somewhat scary for an artist. Technology is so accessible these days that what was a wonder before is hardly entertaining now and short lived. Sometimes when I browse, I come across fancy works and amazing designs by other people. They get recognized for their work and enjoy the privilege of growing more and more. Then I tend to compare myself to them: “will I ever reach there? Will I make it?” And the question of all questions, which I think all of us artists long for deep in our hearts: “Will I be remembered?

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