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Survival skills and freebies

I am truly grateful for platforms that provide ways for us to publish online for free, but I’m also salty about some few things. Nothing much, but petty enough to be a pain in the neck. I mean, a business has to generate benefits from services provided, but for some of us who are penniless yet want to do well, we find it hard to get by. Is it the law of “to him that has, more shall be given”? If it is so, it might take us a bit more of time to break through.

It seems like a vicious cycle for no-name writers. I don’t have money to buy a domain, no money to fund promotion campaigns, no money either to register for copyright, and I’m not popular enough (even under my real name) to reach a lot of people. Still, I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a great writer. Welcome to the world of young adults… Stage of life: trying to be successful…

Bleh, you really feel the weight of being an unknown writer when you’re typing in a small room in full summer heat, worrying about your future, while someone somewhere in your neighbourhood is frying some chicken and its delicious scent travels the distance to reach your nostrils. Too bad; now it got diluted with cigarette and alcohol smells from a bar close by. My head is spinning and my sinuses are on fire…

Don’t worry, I’m not jealous of the one enjoying the chicken. I’ve got pizza. Let me heat some. But not yet, my creative juices are flowing so I’m going to type some more.

Aaah…Talk about walking on a rough path. Well, I think I’ll just have to drink some relaxing tea for now and light a candle to pray for my future.

AWBTS: Side story (written meme)

Those moments when you choose a catchy, awesome, really cool title for your work and then you search on the web to make sure no one is using it. Dang it… It’s already taken. I’m salty… And hungry. I’ll just go eat the pizza.

I want to take the time to send a special dedicace to my fellow rookie writers and to other budding artists. Kudos!

#cornerthetalkingbrain   #cttb  #nunablomevi #awriterbehindthescenes

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