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Dawn and toss

It’s 5:00 AM and I’m tossing on my bed, helter skelter, rolling like a loaf of bread. “How to make my works more popular? How to become famous?” is all I am thinking about.

In the end, I got up, had some breakfast and took up my tablet to type some notes.

What did I eat”, you ask? I had ice-cream (chocolate flavor and tangerine sorbet) and a piece of chocolate cookie. “What a quirk meal”, you’d say. It’s just that it’s dawn but the weather is already so hot, I’m burning up. Also, I don’t think any law forbids eating ice-cream early in the morning. I have to go to a store to buy a fan but I’ve become extremely introverted so I’m glued to the house (add to it a little touch of laziness).  I also don’t want to order it online because I have other equipments to buy for my writing activities. I want to chack them in person, since I am a responsible person that seeks to provide quality entertainment for my fans (although, from the lack of feedback on my social media, I’m not sure I’ve got any).

By the way; if I count well, tonight I slept for, maybe, three hours? And after that I’ll complain about having dark circles and I’ll spend money to buy face creams to avoid the zombie look. Anyway, it can’t be helped, since I can’t buy sleep. A hard-working writer should look good as well.

When I looked outside at my neighbour’s window, it was dark at first but then it turned to navy blue, so I knew it was morning. It’s time to work and earn some money from my royalties… which I’m nowhere getting just yet. Seriously, just like I mentioned it in a previous episode, I’m not sure if I’ve got a thick-skinned confidence or if this persevering attitude is the fruit of wishful thinking.

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