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Just small talk

25 June 2020. 05:29 GMT+2

I’m on my bed, lying on my back with my eyes wide open like a lemon cut into two. There is a heatwave so the weather is scorching. I opened my window just a little, so that my neighbours won’t see inside my room. I opened it again, just a little, then a little more… But there’s no use. My fan is overworked and the wind is blowing too lazily.

Adding to it, I’m a little hungry but I don’t want to have breakfast yet, it’s too early to my liking. This morning I’ll be more conventional and have some yoghurt with muesli.*

So, while I wait to prepare my meal, what do I do, as a responsible writer providing for her fans’ entertainment and ensuring her legacy as an artist? I take my tablet and start typing all this. As I stood up to go pick it, I looked outside and saw that some people from the building in front also opened their windows “minimally”. Just a little, a little more.

Why is she telling us all these details?” you ask yourself. Well, dear, I’m not writing a spicy passionate story or a fantasy novel. You were the one who got curious about the life of a writer behind the scenes and started reading my diary.

Roasted? My bad…

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*Allusion to a previous episode where the combination of ingredients eaten for breakfast wasn’t quite usual.