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Morning Playfulness

27th June 2020. 07:37 GMT+2

Wow. It’s a beautiful, fresh morning. A nice breeze is softly entering my room and I hear birds tweeting around in my area. Reflecting on the glass of my front neighbour’s window, I can see their tiny bodies dancing in the air, in circles. Yes; sadly, that’s all I see, not an awesome silhouette with six packs shadowing behind the curtain. Anyway, the little birdies are cute too; let’s just stick to being environment-friendly.

I love praying on mornings like this. It feels peaceful and the air is sweet. Some other times I enjoy praying more in the evening, especially at twilight, when the sun is setting and daylight is dimming, gradually replaced by the city lights. I know this comment may seem contradictory to the previous one… Well, I’m also made of flesh. And excuse me, I don’t spy on handsome neighbours… I don’t have any to begin with. Even if I did, I’m too stuck-up to do so. Do you know how long I’ve been practicing self-control in seclusion? Don’t bring yourself…

I’m just kidding. Or maybe not.

Hmmm. What story did I wake up to tell this morning? Nothing much. That’s the fun thing about writing a diary. I’m not saying anything serious but you’re interested in my private life so you keep on reading. And I’m grinning.

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