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Statistics and Moral Support

Why are you not uploading? There are people waiting”.

Mind-blowing. I may say, this is the nicest thing I’ve heard ever since I’ve started writing. Boi… This is a sensitive one. I’m really opening up right now.

Yesterday I was feeling very down. I realized that no one was reading my stories except those one or two people who root for me, fueled by filial love. I tell you, flesh and blood is so important. They are so valuable… (here, I leave you with a riddle).

I was trying hard to finish up the post I was going to upload but the image kept acting up; and later, I noticed there was a typo so I had to delete it… I thought: “why am I even doing this? Why am I even trying so hard? It’s not like I have a fanbase dying to get my updates… I should just leave it for later, nobody will notice I didn’t upload on time anyway.

After that, I went chatting with one of my flesh and blood people (let’s keep the nickname F.B. until I find something more interesting, lol). That person gave me the greatest encouragement ever and I decided to keep on going. (I’m sure F.B. will also be grinning when reading this). “Will you give up after only three times? If it’s your passion then keep on going. Just post it!

I immediately sprang up. And there I was at 03:30 in the morning, typing, deleting, cropping and editing. Seriously, this whole rookie writing takes more faith than walking on waters…

By the way, another day I’ll tell you why I made things even harder for myself by choosing to use a pen name.

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