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CHAPTER 1.The healthy habits of a writer

First: go get some reading glasses, dear. Mine even have a special filter to protect my eyes against the blue light from the PC screen (boasting). You don’t want to end up with a bad sight as you grow old. Funny enough, I usually forget to wear mine because it’s a hassle to clean then. Don’t call me lazy, I can hear you.

Second: have a day in the week were you stack some food in the fridge, because when the creative fever starts, you won’t want to go out or see other human beings.  

Third: move your booty and your neck from time to time. They need to relax, you little… (cough) you dear. It’s good to be dedicated to work but it’s also necessary to take care of your health.

Fourth: get a job. You need to eat and pay bills right? For the people in your close circle, you may be a good writer and have high hopes in your talents, but until you get famous or receive your royalties, you need to cater for yourself. Unless you already have money, of course. Or a good sponsor. Don’t mooch off others (if you are) with the excuse that you’re working hard on your books and that you’ll pay them later when you become successful. 

The last but not least and very important not to forget: protect your work. Don’t share it with unnecessary people and remember to get your work copyrighted, especially if people around you recognize your talent and you might make it big. Protect your babies.

AWBTS- Side Stories

01/06/2020 . 22h42PM

Troubles of a multilingual writer

Those moments where you’re writing in Spanish, and you look up for some words on the internet and you realize 15 minutes later that you’ve been typing the following paragraph in English. Crap…

P.S: Late night random comments.

02.00 AM.

(Attention: the following comment might be a bit unappropriate. Or maybe just inelegant? The struggle is real, but that moment was so awkward that it felt worth mentioning. My apologies in advance…)

My stomach is manifesting a natural need . I feel like going, but I’m typing a novel right now. I’ve got such great ideas flowing that I don’t want to stand up. I’m enjoying what I’m writing and I don’t want to lose focus. Wait… Wait a little more… Ok, now I’ve got to go. 

To sleep or not to sleep, to eat or not to eat: there starts another vicious cycle…

04.00 AM.

  • What are you doing? 
  • I’m typing.

07:00 AM.

  • What are you doing? 
  • I’m still typing, and designing my website, creating posts, wanting to sleep and not being able to.

09:00 AM

  • What are you doing? 
  • I’m watching a wild cooking show on Queuetube, trying to fall asleep.

02:30 PM

  • What are you doing?
  •  I’m sleeping.

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