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31st May 2020. 10:27 AM

When and how did I start writing?

I don’t remember well. I used to keep a diary like most girls. (Back when I started, it was trendy to say you had one and also to give them as a present). I know it doesn’t really count as literature, but it’s a memory I’m fond of so I’m sharing it.

After that, I mostly recall thinking of a story, taking a pen plus paper and writing it down. It was fun. If it was long, it’d be a novel. If it was short -depending on the length- it’d remain as a poem or a quote. Anyway, I found myself having good ideas that people around me enjoyed reading, so I kept writing them down to share them with others. At the beginning it wasn’t for a great cause, but later I thought that since I had some writing skills and ideas, it’d be good to put them to use.

I’ve also always been the type to think too much. Conversing with friends didn’t dry up the overflowing fountain of thoughts in my mind. On some occasions they couldn’t understand me either. Moreover, I noticed that whenever I had a problem and I couldn’t deal with it, or nobody was able to solve it for me, I really felt better when I wrote. It seems people understand me better on paper than face to face.

This time, I’m going to start a diary on my life as a rookie wordsmith, to talk about my habits. The reason is that, whenever I watch series in which one of the characters is a writer, they always show cliches such as he/she not sleeping and roaming in the house like a zombie, or when he/she is not stuck typing in front of a computer with a cup on the side (with whatever liquid is in it; mine usually has tea, juice or water. Right at this moment, I just finished some yoghurt). At home, they would be stuck in their study – if they were lucky enough to have one- or in  their rooms and yell at anybody who came to interrupt them. Since I decided to become a real writer (as a profession), I thought it’d be interesting to record what kind of habits I have. In one of my quotes I mentioned how  I read somewhere on social media that some of Shakespeare’s greatest works were written while he was in quarantine. I took it seriously but I’d have never imagined that I’d be writing so much in four months.

I have to say that I wrote some of the books I’m working on about ten years ago. The storylines are good but they need editing because the style is a bit cringey (I was a teen back then, I didn’t know much and was just writing for fun). On the side, some of my stories were written mainly for venting purposes. Now, the real problem is… I wrote them on paper. I have to type all of those pages… Crap. Talk about a load of work.

AWBTS- Side story (It’s just me adding some random comments)

Wow. Writing and editing seven books at the same time makes me feel like a bank clerk shouting from his desk: “Thank you for visiting us. Next!”

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