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20nd June 2020. 08:50 PM, GMT+2

The joys of being an unknown writer

I hope you guessed it, but the title is fully ironical. Bleh, I’ve gone public for 17 days now, but it feels like a year.

  • The blacklist of betrayals

I have developped a new disease that I called “the social media disorder”. Until now, I never really cared about having many followers. After deciding to launch my webnovel,  I check my profile so often, like crazy, I analyze statistics, and I’m always anxious as to whether someone new is reading my stories or not. I even looked up on the Internet “how to become popular on Instamyon”.

I should never have underestimated the power of hashtags… I didn’t quite understand what they were, but I noticed that more people joined my profile ever since I began using them. Humility is important, brothers and sisters. Have some humility to learn.

Blame it on me or not,  I made it harder for myself to get noticed because I chose to write under a pen name. I wanted to live a discreet life, but now I am living an ignored life. Anyway, it’s still fun to explore the Internet undercover. I’m also marking down some disloyal friends of mine who aren’t subscribing to my page or liking my posts. (I’m salty but I still love them. xoxo). See, I won’t reveal my identity until I get famous and I’m sure my works are a hit. For that day, I am excitedly waiting for all those who didn’t show me their support. Lol, I’m just kidding. Or maybe not. Before that, I want to thank all those who backed me unconditionally without knowing who I am. I love you more!

By the way, I’ve discovered the existence of this peculiar sensation called “thrill”. Mehn, I was personally convinced that my works were very good and that I’d make it big in no time. I foresaw myself getting recognition for my awesome works, participating in big events, having a lot of fans and giving away autographs. Well, talk about confidence. It’s good to have some, but at this point, what started as a spark of passionate fire has now melted down to wishful thinking. I’m trying hard not to lose face here.

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