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A fresh and positive outlook on the continent

Poverty, misery and suffering, that’s what usually comes to mind. What if there’s another side we didn’t know of?

Even the world looks at us with dark eyes, we shall not lose sight of who we are“. Nuna Blomevi

Culture and Fashion

Discover the colourful and richness of the African heritage


Rich and colourful, foodies will definitely be pleased with this section!

School, Work and Business

Modern perspectives, opportunities, and economic insight

While residing in our native African countries, we always get an awesome insight about other continents through television, whether in movies, documentaries or on the news, etc. It leaves such a good impression on us, and also a great desire to travel to those fairytale foreign lands. We invest in learning their languages, pay expensive fees and go through a lengthy process to obtain the necessary documents. We prepare ourselves mentally that we’re leaving our homes behind and not coming back in a long time. Whatever circumstances takes us there, we depart, full of expectation“.

Would you like to share your story with us? Or pictures from your country? We will conduct a screening and put the ones that get selected on our website!


Preserve our identity to ensure the legacy of the future generations


Be positive and resilient even in hostile circumstances


Be proactive and set to make the desired changes happen


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