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Malaika was the daughter of a famous  African actress and a TV producer. Even before her highly anticipated birth, she had been pampered from the womb and lived lavishly. Let’s just say she was born on the African red carpet.

Just like her friends Johnny and Martins, she moved abroad when she finished high school, even though she had been travelling from time to time before. Well, it was a matter of coming of age and of her parents making sure that their little daughter was old enough to take good care of herself.

Malaika was extremely beautiful, just like her mother, and as years went by she became more and more gorgeous. She was very kind, but touch her pride and you’d see her claws.

She had always been interested in show business, especially in entertainment and  fashion. Her dream was to become famous, not only in her country but abroad as well. “Let’s make Africa take over the international red carpet!” was her motto.

She enjoyed watching TV (just like everyone), especially movies and series. But, there was one particular detail that made her really salty whenever she heard it.

In movies or series, whenever the heir or heiress did something wrong, the parents would threaten them:

  • “Get yourself together, or we’ll send you to Africa!”

At first, she didn’t care much. Well, it’s true that life conditions were rough in some parts of the continent, but she didn’t really feel concerned since she never experienced it.

Then, in movies again, whenever the hero or heroin was heartbroken, he or she would say:

  • “I’m going to Africa to do some voluntary work.”

Malaika started to twitch a bit, but again, she didn’t take it seriously since it partly made sense. “What a better way to heal quickly than to go far away and help others?” she thought. “Uh, Ok. Good luck. Come back soon and reunite with your love”.

Then again, in shows or interviews:

  • “Wow, this place is so wild! It looks like Africa” (said someone who had never been there before).
  • “Wow, what a rough appearance! This person looks like they can survive anywhere, even in Africa!” (said, again, someone who had never been there before).

The worst things she heard was when the characters would say “Why is your skin getting darker? It doesn’t look too good, you should take better care of yourself.” That, is the worst of worst to hear.

Another bad experience she had was when she told people about her parents and they would say: “Wow, I’m amazed! I didn’t know you had TVs in your country.”

Malaika looked at herself, her voluptuous body, her bling-bling life, and she thought: “How can these clichés still be so widespread in this globalized world? Is it only me, or there something really wrong going on somewhere?”

To be continued…