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Malaika had a really rough time find an apartment abroad. It was such a hassle every time she moved.

  • “Where did you say you were from?
  • X country.
  • What? and where is that?
  • Oh, it’s in Africa.
  • I’m sorry, but I’m not renting you my property. Please look for another one. Now, if you’ll excuse me”.

It took a long while, but  she finally met  a landlord who wasn’t narrow-minded and was able to get a flat.

Another time, Malaika’s mother travelled to visit her. They wanted to go to the mall so they were looking for a taxi. It took them more than 30 minutes to find one because nobody wanted to take them. More annoyingly, a certain driver saw the two of them approaching and just drove away.

When they finally arrived to their destination and started shopping, everybody was looking at them. The clerks in particular kept peeking at them suspiciously. “Maybe they’re jelly because we’re getting only designer brands”, she thought.

At the counter, the clerk checked their cards and banknotes twice in the name of a “normal procedure”. Malaika looked around and everybody else was paying without any problem. “Wow, what a nice level of security. It must really be a crime for us to be getting only designer brands and buying a lot”. (Irony).

They couldn’t go to any fancy restaurants because people stared at them too intensely as if they couldn’t pay. It was really uncomfortable to eat. Some shady men gave even gave them dirty looks as if they were gold-diggers searching for “victims” to seduce. On the other hand, a lady who saw them standing outside, looking at the menu, approached them to give them alms. At that time they had just arrived in the country so they didn’t speak the local language well. They couldn’t clarify that they weren’t there for that so she kept insisting. She didn’t have bad intentions, but her “initiative” was really out of place.

In the end, their shopping concluded on an awkward note. “Daughter, let’s just skip the 5-star restaurants we’ve been planning to try. Let’s just go to a normal one, the food there is pretty decent as well”.

Next week on Episode 5: The sweet milk of meeting good people