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The ironic thing about discrimination and social prejudice is the uncountable layers and shapes it can have. In the end, it’s a matter of one’s disposition and cultural luggage accumulated over the years, and it is one’s choice to do the right thing.

Martins was really excited about the coming party he was invited to. Finally, he was going to have a nice, exciting, dancing gathering with proper food and spicy delicacies. Yes, that’s right, a party with an African touch. (In spite of cultural differences between African countries, one common ground is that a proper celebration should have good food in abundance and provide a dance floor).

  • Yo, Johnny, I’m really excited. It’s been long since our folks invited me. Good food, good jam, it’s gonna be lit!
  • I’m not sure if you’re not taking this a bit overboard?…
  • What? man, you know the last time I got a call like this? You always get invitations, I don’t…

Later on, at the party:

  • Hi Johnny! Welcome, bro!
  • Hi!!
  • Yo, Martins, sup bro?
  • Cool, man, and you?
  • Cool. Hey, there are some seats over there with the foreignos. You can sit over there!
  • “????…”

Martins was very much taken aback by the comment but he kept his reply for himself. “What’s with that habit of separating seats aside like that?”, he thought. “And then we are the same who complain that foreigners treat us differently.

It wasn’t the first time that he got referred to as “whitish”. Also, he was from a different African country so he didn’t speak the same language. Ironically, he also considered “blackish” by other foreigners, so he felt stuck in the middle -kind of. Nobody really knew at glance where he was from so it was hard for both sides to claim him as “their person”.

Here’s the reason for Martins’ situation: he was really light-skinned. Though he was born and raised on the African continent, the caramel cutie pie often heard that he didn’t look African so it was hard for other natives to identify with him. Sometimes he just wanted to shout : “”Hey, I’m one of you!”.

To be continued….

Next week on Episode 7: Social gatherings (II)