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Martins, the caramel dude, went to obediently were he got assigned to. “What’s the use of making a fuss”, he thought. “Let’s not ruin the mood. Anyway, I came to eat and have fun; so let’s go!” Well, after settling down, he moved around to say hi to the rest and socialize.

Suddenly, a soft and elegant voice was heard in the room. A subtle yet captivating perfume spread in the air, completely mesmerizing him. The whole place became quiet, then all the guys became agitated and ecstatic. “It’s her, OMG it’s her, I can’t believe the day has come where I can finally see her with my own eyes.

Johnny lifted his head for a bit but was unphased, as usual. He wasn’t really interested in social events but had to attend that one because the birthday guy was a really close friend. Martins, on the contrary, was very eager to know.

  • Hey, Joe, what’s happening?
  • Dunno. Go ask those dudes…
  • What a bother… Yo, dude, what’s going on?
  • You’re truly a newbie here, bro? You don’t know her, she’s a celebrity! That’s Malaika, the daughter of L. actress and M. producer.
  • Oh, ok! Great. Aweso… Wow.

She is dazzling”, he thought. “And her perfume smells so good!

Malaika had just arrived and was saying hi to everyone, so they brought her in to introduce her to Johnny and Martins. While the first reluctantly left his seat to “ comply with his social duties”, the latter was really enthusiastic (as usual), and immediately sprang up to say hi to the beauty.

To be continued…

Next week on Episode 8: The realization