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Johnny, Martins and Malaika became really close afterwards. Let’s say; living abroad, far from family can really be lonely, so it felt good to have people to rely on. They also attended the same university, though in different years and different majors, so why not.

Johnny was in his third year, while Martins had just arrived and had just started his first year after finishing his Language proficiency course.  Malaika was in her second year, so she was a bit more adjusted to her new environment.

They had the opportunity to chat at the previous party so the three of them exchanged numbers. Johnny enjoyed the conversation with Malaika (which means the topic was serious enough for him to be interested) and Martins, well, was very much enamored. Even after the party ended, they sometimes hung out together or met on campus. In any case, the conclusion they came to after sharing their experiences abroad with each other was:

Awareness. We must raise awareness. It is important to muster courage and speak up about an issue one is not comfortable about, rather than keeping silent and living all life being upset about it. Just saying it might have more impact than one can imagine.

To be continued…