Time Capsule: Heart To Heart with the Author, Nuna Blomevi

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27th May 2020, 03.42 AM

Yes, I’m starting quite strong. I was a bit lost in thought after watching some news about some sexual offenders who were let go free and lived well, news about how the economy is collapsing (due to the “Covid aftermath”), news about people who suffer abuse etc… The world has just too many issues going on and it’s overwhelming.

At first, I just wanted to share my books and poems with others, but I didn’t have a platform I was comfy to use. During the Covid 19 quarantine I had the time to be on the internet a lot, which led me to see many people taking a step forward and making their works or opinions available to the public (before it was books, nowadays it’s more videos and blogs). Providing a platform to reach other people didn’t seem so difficult anymore.

As I decided to let go of my fears and go public by creating my own writing space and my own website, I’ve been wondering. What impact will my words have on the world around me? Will they be useful? Will they bring hope? Will people like them, even if it’s just a few? Will I be able to transmit hope to a broken world? Moreover, aside plagiarists, I’ve heard also about how haters can really backlash some people with their hurtful comments, so I can’t say I’m not scared. (Haters and plagiarists, be warned).

Inspite of my insecurities and worries, I still decide I’ll give it a try. I can’t just sit on my dreams,  do nothing and keep thinking about how things could have been if I had given it a try. Some of my stories will be serious, some funny. But amidst so much negativity, I wish to share a ray of light and a bit of hope. I have little means, still lack many resources and may not be starting on a flashy level, but I’m still going to give it a shot. I look forward to this journey and what it will bring us.

To my future readers,

With love,

Nuna Blomevi