by Nuna Blomevi

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Though not all thoughts lead into writing lenghty or best-selling novels, they still make our day and are important to keep. Perhaps they just pass by and make you smile, or reflect on matters that draw you attention…

Corner, my talkative brain who always has something to say, doesn’t want to miss a single bit and lives his brain life to the fullest. As his host I just decided to give him his own space and let him share whatever he wants to so that I can have some peace of mind. Brain dude seems to be undergoing some late puberty or a creativity fever…

Life Moments

Others write because they have great ideas, Nuna writes because I make her think too much.

Nuna lies on her bed, puts her head on the pillow and closes her eyes to sleep. Corner then wakes up and starts chitchatting: “What about this? Or that? Should we do this, or that? Blablabla… Etc.”

Forget about sleeping. Nuna is now sitting in front of her computer, together with a pen and a notepad on the side.


(04:02 AM). Nuna: “What’s that noise in my head? Oh, it’s new ideas choking with each other”.

Stands up, picks the notepad and starts scribbling.

Deep thoughts

Life chooses whom you meet, but you choose whom you stay with.

Hardwork may be enough to put food on the table, but wealth seem to chose its owner as its pleases.

Writer thoughts

Be careful about how you treat others, you might end up as a character in someone’s story.

It may take more than good intentions to succeed as an artist or a public figure. There comes a point where good intentions are no more enough.

Why are we so eager to write, paint or sing? It is because we want to be remembered… As humans we are well aware that our days are numbered, so we want to leave the biggest impact that we can so for our names and memory to remain in history. Also, artists are gifted to capture or engrave feelings or thoughts into their works (whether it’s from their own mind or rather glimpses of the society they belong to), leaving behind traces that will enable the future generations to connect with their forefathers who are no longer alive.

Memes thoughts

Those moments of the day where you’re home sitting on the sofa and you hear some dog barking somewhere in the neighbourhood… not sure why but it can lead into deep thoughts about what could possibly be going on outside.


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